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Pre Construction Termite Treatment Delhi

Why is Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment required?

Building a house or developing your property for building your office is not a piece of cake. So, everyone must think and have proper planning before he starts getting on it.  It is also not an exaggeration to refer to; You may face more challenges than your expectations. It is regardless of the fact that whether you are building a small, medium or big house. Your responsibility is highly advisable and unavoidable. Apart from the budget planning for the laborers and raw materials you must spend, there is also a high requirement of taking preventive measures and pest control methodologies for all kinds of Pest problems for a better future.  

Pre-construction termite treatment is a very important thing which is unanimous consent that each and everyone must require since it will help you prevent your new building and other wooden fixtures from termite infestation. As compared to post-construction treatment, pre-construction treatment is far better when we consider it in terms of its cost-effectiveness and safe.  

Many promoters or civil engineers always recommend pre-construction anti-termite treatment because of the possibility of getting such termite-oriented issues in the future so that it can maintain the image or reputation, and will keep the home safe and free from termite tension as well.

Here, termite control is the first thing you should think of while we are talking about the pre-construction pest treatment. We, Pest Control Delhi use highly professional and advanced techniques for treating the termite infestation problem. Direct liquid treatments are applied to the outside, inside, and also in foundation to eliminate the termites completely. Direct injection of liquid pesticide (termiticide) in areas like the foundation, within the foundation walls, and also areas under the concrete slabs is part of our specialized termite control treatment plan.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment DelhiWhat are the stages of Pre-Construction Termite Treatment used in Pest Control in Delhi?

We, Best Pest Control Company in Delhi treat the sides and bottom surface of the foundation trenches and pits with chemicals to a height of about 30cm at the rate of 5 Lit. per square meter of surface area.

Backfill earth on each side of all built-up walls, which will be in immediate contact with the foundation, should be treated with chemicals at the rate of 7.5Lit. per linear meter of the vertical surface of the substructure, to a depth of 45cm and width of 15cm. The chemical shall be directed towards the masonry surfaces so that earth in contact with these surfaces is well treated with the chemical.

Before laying the floor, treat the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth walls with chemicals at the rate of 5lit. per square meter. Ensure backfill against the foundation is treated to its full depth.

Builders should take care that any disruption of the barrier during later construction work (e.g. creation of gardens over the treated barrier), may lead to untreated gaps.

What are the advantages of pre-construction anti-termite treatment?

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is less expensive: Its cost is lesser than the amount you have to spend on post Construction treatment. It is because the steps involved in pre-construction anti-termite treatment are lesser than the steps required in post-construction treatment. So obviously, it requires lesser steps, the cost will also be automatically decreased.

Fewer obstacles: Experienced pest controllers can get better access over the main affected corners of the buildings or premises, and will not have many obstacles such as walls. This results in a complete treatment with maximum coverage in the case of Pre Construction anti-termite Treatment. On the other hand, Post Construction Anti-Termite will have plenty of obstacles as you will not be able to smoothly cover the area.

Easier:  Prevention is better than cure. If you choose a post-construction anti-termite treatment, it may take time to control the problems because the termites must have already started doing some sort of destruction to the foundation, walls, or the wooden attachments in your home. But if you opt for a pre-construction treatment, it will help you control the termite infestation from its root, and will prevent your building from further infestation, and in turn, make a termite-free zone building. 

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